Custom Coatings, the Beauty of creativity
Custom Coatings, the Beauty of creativity 

Water Proof Flooring

Perfect for  the residential/commercial settings in basements, garages,  washrooms, bathrooms, restaurants, shop floors, hangers,   but not limited to those areas alone. Water proof floors can be used on any concrete surface and give it a sealed, seamless smooth finish. Great for areas that have the possibility of getting wet, or high traffic areas that you would like to protect. Water proof floors come in a variety of colors and styles, call today for more information.


These floors can be installed over new or old concrete. From our years of experience we know how to deal with damaged, cracked or uneven areas. 


                                                                   We Install 


*Solild color high build epoxy. This coating comes in a variety of colors, and will give you a durable and strong seamless floor.


*Vinyl color flake systems.- These types of floors can be applied in a variety of ways, which can alter the over all look. These range from 100% coverage with vinyl chips to small amount of 25% coverage of vinyl chips with our solid color high build epoxy.


*Color-Quartz. These floors are great in commercial settings where you expect a high amount of  heavy floor traffic. These floors can also be installed in a residential setting as well. 


*Metallic Epoxy- use this to create dimension in floors with endless color choices and possibilites. These floors are extremely rustic and mosiac giving you a wonderful artisian feel 


*Solvent based concrete stain - These are great when you are looking for a cost effective way of protecting your concrete. Installed with a clear or tinted gloss finish.



*Urethane top coats - Use this to restore old concrete floors, seal stamped concrete, and as a protective coating for almost all concrete surfaces. 

Water proof Floor Advantages

  1. Seals Concrete Surface making it chemical resistant 
  2. Increases floor strength                       
  3. Seamless                
  4. Smooth, easy to clean surface
  5.  Matches any color settings
  6. Aesthetic and Beautiful
  7. Cost effective
  8. Helps to hide floor imperfections
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