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   Epoxy stone is a combination of a natural  stone aggregate and a specially formulated epoxy. This product comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and is ideal for any concrete surface. Surfaces include Patios, Pool Decks, Walkways, Porches, Steps, breezeways, concrete walls, block ways, and many more.


  Epoxy Stone is a natural river rock that has been mined for the specific purpose of restoring and beautifying outdoor settings.  


   It is applied at a standard thickness of 1/2'' but can be applied thicker to build up low areas and level out the  surface that it is applied to.  This will elimate puddles. Epoxy stone seals the concrete surfaces that it is applied to which will seal the concrete it is applied to. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, it is chemical resistant, and stands up against the elements of nature. 


 River stone is a coating that will surprise consumers for its resilience . It is natural and alluring, it is repairable if damaged, and will continue to enhance your outdoor setting over time. 


  Epoxy stone is great for surfaces that have damaged, and that have problems with shifting. Although it is not limited to just damaged areas, epoxy stone will enhance new and undamaged surfaces as well.


   Epoxy stone  can applied in combination with other surfaces that we offer such as Custom Crete. Using Custom Crete or a contrasting epoxy stone color to create a border has become very popular as of late. Doing this makes your project stand out and even more unique.

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