Custom Coatings, the Beauty of creativity
Custom Coatings, the Beauty of creativity 

Geometric Designs 

  Custom Coatings is now offering overlays featuring geometric shapes and designs. This will be done using our Custom Crete acrylic cement product.  Geometric shapes can be used in combination with other custom overlays, such as slate, brick, flagstone and other common masonry looks.


  Custom Coatings always strives to make each of our overlays  unique and different from other projects. This is something that we will continue to do with geometric shapes and designs. We want each and everyone of our projects to be tailored to our client. Geometric shapes and designs allows for this level of variety and allows for the creative flow between client and installer to emerge. Custom Coatings can work with any color scheme or setting. Our colors are mixed and added to the acrylic cement onsite so that they can be matched into any area. 


  Typically projects of this nature take 5/6 days to complete. We start by preparing your existing surface. Ensuring it is properly cleaned is essential to the longevity of your coating. It is always important to honor the way your existing concrete has been laid. Also, to correctly interpret the moving and shifting of concrete is another essential ingredient to success with acrylic cements.


  After we have done this, we then will apply a layer of our acrylic cement using it as a background that the design that is applied over it. Once our shapes and designs have been laid out and applied they then will sealed with a high quality concrete sealer.


 Geometric shapes  and designs by custom coatings will give you the very best that acrylic cement has to offer. We have perfected our techniques now for over a decade.  Please feel free to call us for more details. Free estimates will always be offered.  We hope to hear from you soon. 




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